Sunday, May 25, 2008

"Mishap at a Tea Party"

somethin fun inspired by different stories and photoshoots

more examples of caricature work

some caricature work

These were done at a recent caricature job. I spend about 10 minutes on each. I use black colored pencil for the outlines and quick watercolor washes. I really have fun with it since it's paid practice basically. These jobs are always an intense couple of hours drawing as fast as I can with no breaks, but creating pictures I'm proud of and that people get impressed with is always worth it all in the end.

"Hannah Montana & Miley Cyrus"

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

"The Changeling Sea"

Paintings from images i saw while reading Patricia McKillip's "Changeling Sea" novel. one of my favorite things to do.

"Tyra Banks"

This is an editorial piece, one of the few i've done in acrylic. I think it's pretty funny

"Jean Grey"

one is the painting before i put in any of the darks, which is the stage i look at it and say "do i like this?" but i always have to push on and i'm pretty happy with the finished product!

"Earthworm Jim + Princess What's Her Name"

I love them!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

"Warrior Princess"




some XMEN fan art

I could not have more fun doing character design!!

a little Fan Art!

This is what I consider my super skinny chicks style that I like to use to change up the look of characters I already love and want to see done another way.

"Extraordinary Machine"

Fiona Apple is super inspiring to me, inside and out.

"Princess Puffs!"

A mock cereal commercial story board

"Growing While Everything Else Is Shrinking"

(Watercolor on Hot-press Arches Paper)


Hand study in Watercolor

MoDel SesSioNs

quick 5 min studies in watercolor

PeOple iN SituAtiOns

I love creating images that leave questions in the viewers mind

PeOple WaLkin

My teacher was obsessed with having us practice sketching people walking in business suits...

MOre peOPle~!

These are studies of seated figures with conte crayon.