Friday, June 26, 2009

Pin Up Sluts

inspired by the legendary Gil Elvgren, Commissioned pieces for the male audience. Who doesn't love a beautiful woman?


savagesparrow said...

How delightfully naughty =x

Prints for Wizard?

Speaking of which, if you need prints/posters printed, my friend Dave does GREAT work. You can contact him at and check out his store online at He's doing these sweet, 16x20 posters for me on a heavy, semi-glossy stock paper for $5/per, and they look soooo good.

Rachel Young said...

what's with all the skanky hoes?

Carlations said...

oh you know, i start drawing a chick infront of justins friends, they ask me to do a painting of a hot chick, it spirals out of control and i find i'm good at this sort of hting. so i ride the wave i guess.

J. Anthony Kosar said...

Very sexy and cool! what happened to the other two? Did you take them down?